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Lily Porcelain (Un Chien Andalou XIII)


» Lily Porcelain (Un Chien Andalou XIII) «



Öl auf Leinwand

45 x 45 cm || 17.6 x 17.6 inches

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2016 Soest: "Kunst im Bunker, SoestArt 2016"
2010 Museum Abtei Liesborn

Poems for this painting by Yolantha Harrison-Pace
she amen-ed
her amen
her pretend
him into believing
his belief
that she loved him
as she lavished
her exquisite secrets
on another not knowing
he was her first brother

"She Shocks You Not"
she shocks you
not for the sake of shock
but for the revenge of
knock knocks
polish jokes
coonish literature
and sheeted men
she willingly
she shocks you
not for the
sake of shock
but for the sake of
jazz in waltz time and
negro rigged
her pearly fresh skin
shocks you not
for the sake of shock
when she publicly
offers her lily whiteness
to a starving mouthed
jet black baby
sniffing the milk
from her blouse
she shocks you
not for the sake of shock
when she
dances dada
to the
forgotten nada
shocking her mama and papa
but not just
for the sake of shock

lily porcelain
so thin
love easily
pierces in
she counts
the entries
like ovaries
for when to begin

"Wall Hanging"
she hung on the wall
exposed to
his idiosyncrasies
and judged
in her two dimensional way
his three dimensional sins

he smelled
of hyacinth and clover
that's how she
knew it was over
for she was
lavender and lemon
so she smelled
a foreign embrace.
it was easy to spritz
his things with
eau de gasoline.
she blinked not that he
wore his clothes
as the flames leaped
and stung her nose

the salad was made
of fingers
toes and
blood vinaigrette
the black widow
double double
boiling her
with elbow
hors 'dourves
kissed with
baby onions and peas
floating in a bed of ears.
women line
the dining hall
with bloody
plastic ziploc
baggies full
of the lies
they had been told.
they smelled
of arsenic cologne
and hemlock.
they knew that soon
they would
all menstruate
in tune

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2413 x 3195 Pixel, 300 dpi || 17.6 x 17.6 inches

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