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» Pollutants «



Melted Collage

44 x 62 cm || 17.2 x 24.2 inches

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what pollutes
the polluter
that he or she
would soil mother earth
with pollutants?
the rusty can of childhood negligence
plastic breasts of latex and
nipple implants
we are the stuff
of which cans
are made of
peek a boo
peep-eye too
games turn tricks
into cans
tickle me here
tickle me there
if you dare, dare, double dare
triple dog dare
touch me not flowers that
become touch me so and so's
jonesing over
keeping up with the joneses
cans, cans, cans
unloving reprimands
poop poop pee do
show your ankle too
i'm bad, i'm bad
you show me your can
and i'll show you mine
blind uncle bunt
back from Afghanistan
adorns the corner of
second and noplace place
holding his can low
for his groin now knows
a nickel from a quarter
remembering when
toots, firecracker and juice
jumped him in
to make him a man
they're all dead
now he's a can with a can
hey mister can,
can you spare a dime
[Yolantha Harrison-Pace]