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Cloud Over Lake


» Cloud Over Lake «



Öl auf Leinwand und Melted Collage

45 x 45 cm || 17.6 x 17.6 inches

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clouds are vapor
birds fly through
airplanes fly through
yet clouds
hold rainstorms
and billions of drops
that destroy and that
give sustenance
but they are clouds
just vapor too light
to hold in ones hand
vapor that slides through
ones fingers and through
the valleys of life and death
snow flake
clouds so heavy they bend
a mama's back
clouds so heavy they mask the sun
and steal
a child's last breath
for a chilled and clouded mind
cannot live to see another icicle day
so it suicides the cloud away
a cloud that was just vapor
a thought that could not be
vapor so heavy
that it left a dent a hollowed out place
a dip where
a child who once thought
will never think
an accumulated cumulus
a latin heap a pile, a heap of puffy
that birds and airplanes
fly through
[Yolantha Harrison-Pace]