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Knut Kargel
The Poem (Un Chien Andalou XXX - The Extended Spanish Dog X)



Öl auf Leinwand
45 x 45 cm || 17.6 x 17.6 inches

2016 Soest: "Kunst im Bunker, SoestArt 2016"
2013 Kunstsaal des Kunstvereins Kreis Soest

"The Poem"
she poem-ed a poem
that never got made
she kept it hidden
out of the sun and in the shade
a short poem of three words
that didn't rhyme and were absurd
she had written poems a many
full of beats and rhymes a plenty
but this short poem she hid
in a locked jar without a lid
one day the jar broke and
out the poem flew
it landed on
a man's shoe
folks hooted and hollered and laughed
the poem raised her head and
simply said
"I love you"
[Yolantha Harrison-Pace]  

Archiv Nr.: 2929

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