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Unthrown Stones

Unthrown Stones



Hello Kids

Joseph Beuys
Joseph Beuys
A famous German artist Joseph Beuys, has often said that every person is an artist, and that he creates "social art"
I do not know, what he has meant exactly ... but I think that a social work of art does something with the people and act on the world. And maybe it sets new thoughts and ideas into the world that lead the people to new ways.

Wolf Vostell
Wolf Vostell
Art can change the world!
Art is what the artist does. [Wolf Vostell]
Everyone is an artist. [Joseph Beuys]
So every person can change the world! Even you!

Kunstwerk von Wolf Vostell
Kunstwerk von Wolf Vostell
But how??? How can you change the world? Sure, by doing good things, and keep off bad things - but is that enough?
On the good things that happen, nobody is talking, and on the things you do not do, talk certainly none. Nevertheless just the things that you do not do are often much more important than the one you do. It\'s good to help an old granny across the street, but it is more important not up to speed with the car as a madman.
But what do people see? Everyone notices, if someone speeds through the city with 100 km/h. If anyone do not so, nobody notice it. Not-doing is important, but nobody notice it.
That\'s why I made this website: Unthrown Stones - ANTIviolence
To through no stone is good, but nobody notice it. To not-through a stone on this website ist an other thing! Everybody can see the stone, and why you didn\'t through it and think about it. You can print postcards of your stone and share it with your friends.
So you can tell everybody what you like or don\'t like or what you would like to be better.
Even if the not the whole world changes immediately: If only one man thinks about your imaginations, if you gave him a thought (or a smile), you have chnage the world a little bit!

So here you go. Create your Account and not-through some stones!

Uncool Birthday Guest

Mega-Cool Birthday Guest

I\'m looking forward to your ideas!

You can paint on stones, write on them, pack them, smash and boil them with cement to a soup. If you don\'t have a stone, use a potato. Be creative and do what YOU WANT!